Our first exec team social!

The newly elected UBC Pre-Edcuation Club executive team has old faces and new ones, so we recently had our first social to get to know each other a little better.

First, we opted out of the awkward trust fall exercise (surely there are better ways to test our trust!)…instead, we wanted to know how well we worked together as a team. Cue our venture into the much more fun and interesting Escape Room concept.


…We passed! No spoilers, but the series of puzzling rooms challenged us at times and forced us to stop and think. But ultimately, we made it out with almost a third of the time to spare! We came out of the room with a better bond, improved communication, and increased knowledge of each other’s strengths.

After that brain work, we rounded up our social with some fuel at Kyo and [oddly entertaining] liquid nitrogen ice cream.


One team-bonding day down, and more to come!

Want to meet our execs? Not everyone made it to the social, but we’ll be rolling out new exec team profiles every week, so stay tuned to learn more about us!

*PS— our exec socials are always completely paid for out of our own pockets, so don’t worry: 100% of your membership fee goes towards general club events for all members!

We’ve revamped our look!

Hey all! We have updated our look and layout here to make browsing and getting involved easier for you!
Stay tuned for new posts from our exec team and information on how you can contribute your voice to our community! We have big plans for the year ahead— including more frequent WordPress posts and ways for everyone to get involved— and we can’t wait to share it with all our members.
In the meantime, keep updated through our Facebook and Twitter pages, and check out our newly elected executive team for the upcoming year.