Meet Serena Vo


Treasurer 2016-17
Year: 4th
Faculty + Specialization: Arts + English and Classical Studies


If I could be any (real or not!) creature, I would be a/an…

…Panda. Eating and sleeping all day sounds like a blast.


The person who inspires/taught me the most is…

…my mom.


If money wasn’t a concern, I would pack my bags ASAP and vacation away to…

…Italy because I’ve studied so much of its history that I want to see the place for myself.


The most valuable lesson/advice I’ve learned is…

…Do something that you’re passionate about, even if it doesn’t bring in the big bucks.


I joined the UBC Pre-Education Club because…

…I think educating the future is an important job so I want to help people who are passionate about education and teaching to achieve their goals.

Thanks for tagging along these past few weeks as we introduced ourselves to you! Make sure you stay updated through our Twitter and Facebook as we prepare for another busy year in September!



A resource for University of British Columbia Undergraduates hoping to become a teacher/educator or are just passionate about education. If you're thinking of applying to become a teacher and have any concerns, are looking for experience, want to learn more about teaching as a career path, or you're passionate about education in the community, then we'd love to have you join our club! We host a variety of events throughout the year: from social events that give you the chance to network with fellow peers who are also thinking of becoming a teacher, to professional events where you can meet teacher candidates, experienced teachers, and representatives from relevant volunteer organizations. We also host collaborative events with other campus clubs and organizations, such as fundraisers for charity and teaching workshops. Keep up with us on social media!: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Email: OrgSync:

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